24 DECEMBER 2016

Here is the last word search. PDF jpg

Now that you have all of the parts you can figure out the hidden messages.

I will send out instructions for all the out of town people at 12:00 noon EST.

The Kutztown peoples will have to wait for my instructions at the house.

There were multiple messages hidden in the word searches. They both can lead to a prize for the first ones to find theirs.

And as we look forward to a good holiday and a new year we should also look back at a great 8 years.

23 DECEMBER 2016

So tomorrow is the big day. You will have everything you need to solve for the prizes.

Here is today’s word search PDF jpg

Tomorrow I will send out the regular calendar email. Then at 12:00 EST or 18:00 CET I will send out directions for solving the puzzle to the people not celebrating in Kutztown. For the people in Kutztown, they will get their directions at the gathering.

In the days before Red Bull this is how you got your wings.


22 DECEMBER 2016

Had I tried to put Steve’s last name PATOPRSTY in a word search you can see it is a problem. Because of the spelling his name already looks camouflaged! 

You won’t find either Steve or Patoprsty in todays word search.  PDF   jpg

Besides, one of them was already hidden in the past puzzles you have already done. Did you see it?


That’s life. It is a disappointment for those who have a birthday close to Christmas. As a child, I suppose Steve learned to compensate for it . And today in his dreams he still compensates.


17 DECEMBER 2016

May I remind you.

Just because yesterday I freed you from solving ALL the word searches it doesn’t mean that all the word searches aren’t important. You need them all to get the prize.

Some people have contacted me about partial solutions but they haven’t the whole solution. You can all be on equal footing December 24th if you start to try to figure out the whole puzzle before then. The money could be yours.

today’s word search PDF

today’s word search jpg



16 DECEMBER 2016

I am letting you off the hook.

You can figure out the word search puzzle without finding the words in these last few word searches.

If you enjoy doing these word searches please enjoy them but if you are too busy in these days leading up to the holidays I don’t want to burden you with additional things to do.


you will need all the word searches in order to figure out the grand puzzle for the prizes.


Today’s word search can be found

here PDF

here jpg

15 DECEMBER 2016

Have faith.

You can do it.

Like last year, there are cash prizes for both the people in Kutztown and our friends around the world.

I know of at least one person who is on the right track.

Check out the hints page (click on the tab above or click here)


the word search links

here PDF

here jpg